Ag & Industry


There are three main industries found in the Town of Rivers and the R.M. of Daly: agriculture, health and social services, and retail trade.

Although these industries are separate, they are inter-related and flourish in this forward thinking and strong, supportive community. Consider Rivers & Daly for your best business venture! Contact Us with your positive, economic development proposal.


Agriculture is the largest industry in the Rivers/Daly area. The main type of soil found here is Newdale Clay Loam. 1998 was the first year farmers were allowed to grow hemp under license. Research has shown that Newdale Clay Loam is the best type of soil for hemp growing in the entire province. The other two main types of soil in the area are the Marring Hurst Course Sand Loam and Corrol Clay Loam. Pockets of Bresford Clay, Assiniboine Clay, and Miniota Sand Loam are also found in the area, however, in 1999 the main crop planted in the area was red spring wheat. Other crops planted include argentine canola, barley, flax, oats, alfalfa, alfalfa and grass mix, field peas, polish canola, winter wheat, lentils, and buckwheat. There are many different livestock operations in the area as well. These include hogs, cattle, (which include dairy and purebred Charolais and Limousin) and horses. Some of the more exotic livestock in the area include wild boars, wild turkeys, and buffalo.

Springland Manufacturing, located northwest of the Town of Rivers, is Canada’s largest manufacturer of in-bin grain augers. The three other top employees for this sector are Redfern Farm Services, Conquest Trucking and RedSper Industries.

Health and Social Service

The health and social service industry is the second largest industry in Rivers provided by Riverdale Health Centre and Rolling Dale Enterprises. A number of people are involved in providing quality health care in Rivers and Daly. These people fill a variety of positions such as doctors, nurses, lab technicians, rehab service providers, home care workers, and many more. The majority of these positions are full time. The top employer in this sector is the Riverdale Health Centre.

Retail Trade Industry

The third largest industry in the area is the retail trade industry. This industry is made up of a number of small and home-based businesses. For this reason, there are a large variety of businesses in the community. Also, due to the large number of farms in the R.M. of Daly, there are many agricultural related businesses located in or around Rivers. The top employers for this sector are Rivers Bigway, Tempo Place Emporium.

Major Employers

Government and Institutional Employers

  • Riverdale Health Centre Number of Employees: 90
  • Rolling Dale Enterprises Number of Employees: 58
  • Rivers Collegiate Number of Employees:25
  • Rivers Elementary School Number of Employees:18
  • Riverdale Municipality Number of Employees: 16
  • Rivers Provincial Park Number of Employees: 5
  • Manitoba Education Number of Employees: 3
  • Manitoba Department of Highways and Transportation Number of Employees: 3
  • Rivers Police Department Number of Employees: 3
  • Manitoba Hydro Number of Employees: 2

* Numbers are subject to seasonal changes

Major Business and Industry

  • Redfern Farm Services Number of Employees: 28
  • Springland Manufacturing Number of Employees: 60
  • Rivers Bigway Foods Number of Employees: 17
  • Redline Transport Number of Employees: 15
  • RedSper Industries Number of Employees: 5
  • The Tempo Place Emporium Number of Employees: 7

* Numbers are subject to seasonal changes