Frequently Asked Questions

When is my pickup day?

Your cart will be picked up every SECOND week on Fridays.

Where do I place the cart?

We have set your cart down in the position to be emptied your designated pickup day, FRIDAY. This is where the cart should be placed on your collection day.

What if I need assistance with placing my cart at the curb?

If you require assistance please contact us at 204-483-3986 as we offer a program for the elderly and disabled.

Will there be enough room for my garbage?

If you have an extra bag or two asking a neighbour can often work. For residents doing spring or fall cleaning MWM does offer larger front-load containers at very reasonable prices.

Using the Carts

  • Loose garbage should be bagged. This will keep loose papers from blowing onto the street.
  • Feel free to use plastic or paper bags of any size.
  • Large items do not have to be bagged.
  • Branches must be bundled and be able to fit in the bin. Branches should be no thicker than 6 inches.
  • Please don’t pack garbage in or exceed 250 pounds of waste.
  • Only waste INSIDE the cart will be collected.
  • Please notify us if your cart is damaged, stolen or vandalized.
  • Please have the cart in it’s place for pickup every-other-week by
  • Pull the cart, don’t push it – this will be much easier.
  • Don’t place hot ashes, construction debris, or hazardous waste, such as oil, paint cants with wet paint in the cart
  • Please keep your cart clean and take care of it. Don’t paint or write on the cart.

Placing the Cart

  • Place the cart with the wheels against the curb.
  • Have the front of the cart towards the street.
  • Leave an arms length of space between the cart and any other objects.
  • Don’t place the cart under an overhead obstruction.
  • Place at the curb by 7AM. We may arrive to your house at different times, having to the curb by 7AM will ensure your cart gets emptied.

Cart Issues

Any issues related to your cart (i.e. damaged or missing carts) please contact your Municipal Office (328-5300)

Service Issues

Any issues related to the service provided (i.e. missing pickups, etc.) please call MWM at 204-483-3986

To print Service Calendars or create a Service Reminder enter your address online at

Office: 866-886-1680 / Web: / Email: