Moving Forward

Riverdale Munic­i­pal­ity

MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to be an open and progressive local government, providing a safe and healthy community for everyone.

POPULATION: The Riverdale Munic­i­pal­ity has a population of 2,057.

The Riverdale Munic­i­pal­ity Council consists of the mayor and six councillors with the term of office being four years. Mayor Todd Gill and Municipality Councillors Larry Fast, Bryan Smith, Darren Bray, Ken Tait, Ian Dyer, and Dave Falkevitch are eager to work for and with present and future residents of Rivers.

Please feel free to contact the Mayor and Councillors for any information, questions, concerns or bouquets. For building code, urban zoning by-laws, tax rates or other urban business, please call the municipality office at 328-5250 or email

R.M. of Daly

The R.M. of Daly Council consists of the reeve and six councillors with the term of office being four years. Currently, the council has a high school youth attending meetings. For building code, rural zoning by-laws, R.M. by-laws or tax rates, contact the R.M. office by phone at 328-7410 or email The R.M. of Daly council meets the second Tuesday of each month in the Daly office.

CDC – Community Development Corporation

The Community Development Corporation was formed to develop economic strength through industry and tourism. The group consists of members from the Town of Rivers Council, the RM of Daly Council as well as community members. The committee works constantly at bringing new industry to Rivers & Daly. Recently, the Rivers Train Station Restoration Project has come under the CDC umbrella.

Rivers & District Chamber of Commerce

The Rivers & District Chamber of Commerce consists of community business people who work to promote and support business. The Rivers & District Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement is “to encourage growth in Rivers and district by supporting our existing businesses and to encourage new businesses.” Many events are organized through the Chamber to promote the business sector and to stimulate economic growth. The group meets the last Wednesday of every month for a business luncheon at Lee’s Restaurant in Rivers.