Virtual Recreation

While we may not be able to provide all of our “normal” programming in person, we are able to take advantage of the great virtual resources that are available around the globe.  Below are various virtual tours/events/programs for you and your family to do from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual Fitness

Stepping up with Confidence – Older Adult Fitness Classes
Virtual Running ($$)
Do Yoga With Me

Virtual Museum/Art

Famous Structures in Dubai
British Museum
Metropolitan Opera Nightly Performances
Virtual Parks & Field Trips!
Road Trip through the United States! 

Virtual Parks

Visit 4 of the USA National Parks
Seaworld (Ride the Mako Roller Coaster!)
Monteray Bay Aquarium 
Great Wall of China Tour

Arts & Crafts

All about Riverdale Wordsearch
Learn the basics of knitting here
learn how to doodle here
Michaels Craft store has a variety of art & craft tutorials, click here to view

Virtual Puzzles

All About Riverdale Crossword Puzzle!

Virtual Mental Health