Wetlands Centre of Excellence

In 2014, Rivers Collegiate started The Wetland Centre of Excellence project, in partnership with local, provincial, and national organizations, is one of approximately 22 similar facilities in Canada hosted by a school or school division. We offer a nature-based program and facility where high school students are able to learn about wildlife, local uplands plant life, wetland aquatic life, and the overall local environment. Students are also able to explore and develop leadership and teaching skills when instructing and working alongside of elementary aged students. The concept of sustainability is an underlying principle of lessons and activities developed by and for students. One goal of the program has been to train students to prepare a program for introducing younger students to important Science Curriculum Unit 1: Habitats and Communities. We have had four grade four classes from two different schools come to the wetland in 2015 and 2016 to take part in this learning opportunity. Another goal of our project is to plan, prepare and open the facility to the larger public to ignite a sense of wonder about nature in our local context together with the local community’s Health and Tourist initiatives as well as with our Municipality leaders.

The Wetlands Centre of Excellence v is located along the Aspen Trail where you can find a fire pit, dock, and an outdoor classroom!