Rural Water Line Extension Proposal

Riverdale Municipality is looking into the feasibility of extending the Rivers Utility water line out to the rural areas of the Municipality.The attached report was developed to put together cost estimates on this proposed extension in whole, or in Phases. This study was completed without federal or provincial funding considerations.

Please take the time to review this proposal. Riverdale Municipal Council is planning to hold a Public meeting to discuss this project with benefitting residents prior to 2020 Budget deliberations.

"Riverdale is a safe, family-oriented Municipality facilitating opportunities that encourage a modern, progressive community for all."
-Riverdale Municipality Vision Statement, 2018

The Riverdale Municipality have been home to many residents and businesses since the "door to the land of promise" was opened wide in 1907 by Grand Trunk Pacific Railway president Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson. This home town community continues to attract industry, business, resident, and visitors for the many advantages of living in a small community - friendly and helpful people, security, peacefulness with all the amenities of a larger centre. The Riverdale Municipality is no exception to the rule. In this community, people always greet you with a smile and are willing to help out when you need a hand. Rivers has its own police department, hospital, and two schools with a growing economic base, recreation facilities, and many supportive community groups.