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The water sys­tem has been upgraded a num­ber of times. In the most recent upgrade, changes in water sup­ply took place which has improved water qual­ity. The water treat­ment plant is pro­duc­ing good qual­ity water which is pumped from the plant to a water tower with a capac­ity of 80,000 impe­r­ial gal­lons and flows from there into the town’s dis­tri­b­u­tion network.

Water Infra­struc­ture

Source: Lake Wahtopanah

Treat­ment: car­bon, potas­sium per­man­ganate, sodium hypochlo­rite, pass & poly­mer, chlo­rine, and flu­o­ride.
Aver­age Flow: 150,000 gallons/day  (814 cu.m./day)
Design Flow: 360,000 gallons/day (1276 cu.m./day)
Sewer: Town of Rivers
The Town of Rivers uses a lagoon for sewage treat­ment. Recently, the sewer sys­tem has been upgraded to allow for greater capacity.

Current Town of Rivers Sewer Rates

First 20 000 gallons
$11.01/thousand gallons ($8.75 water and $2.26 sewer)

20 000 to 130 000 gallons
$11.01/thousand gallons ($8.75 water and $2.26 sewer)

Over 150 000 gallons
$11.01/thousand gallons ($8.75 water and $2.26 sewer)

Electricity & Natural Gas

Trans Canada Pipeline, Canada’s largest pipeline transporter of Natural Gas, crosses grainfields 6 km (3.75 miles) north of Rivers in the most southwesterly corner of the R.M. of Saskatchewan. The Town of Rivers is serviced by a T-junction feedline from the main Trans Canada Pipeline. Although there is no natural gas service in the R.M. of Daly at this time, plans are underway to service the R.M.

For all your electricity and natural gas inquiries and needs please contact Manitoba Hydro.

Telephone & Internet: MTS, & Westman Cable

MTS toll-free information line is (204) 225-5687.

Westman Cable toll-free information line is 1-800-665-3337


NetSet Communications – Rural Manitoba High-Speed Internet Provider

Now available in Rivers and Area.
For more Information call our 24/7 Brandon, MB Help Desk
Call: 1-877-netset1 (1-877-638-7381) or email: membercare@netset1.ca