Millennium Park

Millennium Park is accessible on Highway 25 coming into Rivers from the East. The spruced park overlooks the Soccer/Rugby Pitches and houses a gazebo perfect for that picnic!

Winter Recreation at Millennium Park

  • Skating Oval
    This skating oval is not ready for use at this time
  • Crokicurl
    Riverdale Recreation Commission received a grant through Healthy Together Now to help make Winters more manageable here in Riverdale Municipality! We are happy to introduce to you, crokicurl! Crokicurl has been gaining momentum in Manitoba since 2016 when the Forks introduced it to the World in Winnipeg. Essentially, Crokicurl is a large version of Crokinole played with special curling rocks on ice. The object of the game is to push your curling rock into the button and hit your opponent’s rocks out of the playing surface. This game can be played by all ages, and skill level! There is no cost to play, and everything you need to play the game will be kept at Millennium Park to use at your convenience. You will find the rules & how to play on a board printing at the park.

    Please use at your own risk. Riverdale Municipality will not be held liable for any injury, damage, or loss while participating/using our facilities/parks.

    You must adhere to the current Public Order in regards to the Province’s response to COVID-19 while using this game and park. For more information on current regulations please visit here.

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